Thursday, March 3, 2016

Go suck eggs....


Do not expect help from the ombudsman as they work for US Friggen charity case.

Do not expect help from the ombudsman as they work for the Retailers.


9:52 AM (13 hours ago)

to me

Our reference:    258024


Dear Mr 

I refer to your complaint regarding the disconnection of the electricity supply on 11 February 2016 at 3 McKay Street, Nowra NSW 2541.

I have spoken with Origin Energy and they have advised me that :

·         as at 11 February 2016 your account balance was $1045.75
·         the last payment of $69.22 was received on 4 March 2014
·         your fortnightly consumption is $23.00
·         a payment plan of $63.00  per fortnight will be accepted by Origin Energy ; this would cover the amount owing, as well as your current usage based on your consumption history
·         disconnection and reconnection fees will be applied to your next bill
·         the disconnection fee is $476.01 and the reconnection fee is $476.01 as a pole top disconnection took place 
·         to be reconnected you are required to pay 50% of the outstanding balance, which is $522.00
·         you may contact Origin Energy directly on 13 24 61  to arrange the payment plan.

Please note if you do not make payment towards this account your electricity will remain disconnected.

Origin Energy has advised that as there will be no hold on your account, you may be at risk of further recovery action. This may occur if you do not act on this matter and/or establish a payment arrangement.

As I am not able to take any further action until you get in touch with me, I have closed EWON’s file for the time being. We can reopen this if you contact us again, however EWON may be limited in providing you with further assistance.

Customer Assistance Programs

If you do not consider that you can afford to enter into a standard payment plan there may be other options available to you.

Origin Energy has a customer assistance program that you may be eligible for. You may contact Origin Energy  “Power on” Program to be assessed for eligibility for their program. This program is set up to assist you in managing your arrears and payments for ongoing usage.

To be accepted onto the customer assistance program Origin Energy may request that:

·         you agree to a payment plan to at least cover your fortnightly usage of $23.00
·         you seek financial counselling in order to assess your capacity to pay before accepting you onto their customer hardship program
·         you would need to contact Origin Energy to confirm the details of the financial counselling appointment including the date, time and location
·         during your appointment, your financial counsellor should contact Origin Energy directly on13 24 61 to discuss a payment arrangement.

You can find details of financial counsellors in your area by going to or by telephone 1300 914 408. Your local community agencies may also have financial counselling services on site.

If you are accepted and enter into a payment arrangement t on the program your plan will be reviewed regularly and you may be asked to increase your payments.

Assistance with payment of energy bills

Contact your retailer
If you are experiencing difficulties paying your bills, advise your electricity retailer as soon as possible. All retailers operate additional customer assistance programs to provide support to customers who are experiencing short or longer term financial difficulties They can discuss a payment arrangement that suits your financial situation. If you keep to an agreed plan, you will avoid late payment fees and will not have your supply disconnected.

Rebates and concessions
The NSW Government offers energy rebates to eligible customers. These include:

·         the Low Income Household Rebate
·         the NSW Gas Rebate – applicable to gas accounts only
·         the Family Energy Rebate
·         the Medical Energy Rebate
·         the Life Support Rebate

For further information, contact your retailer, or the Energy Information Line on 1300 136 888.

Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA)
Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) vouchers worth $50.00 each is available for the payment of a current energy bill. These are intended as assistance in a crisis or emergency situation, and are distributed by community organisations. You need to apply to one of these organisations who will assess your individual circumstances. I confirm the following agencies in your area may be able to offer assistance:

·         Mission Australia - Level 1, 15 Norfolk Avenue, Nowra 2541 NSW
Telephone: (02) 4422 0455
·         Lifeline - 2/130 Junction Street Nowra 2541 NSW
Telephone: (02) 4421 5365
·         St Vincent de Paul - 5 Berry Street Nowra 2541 NSW
Telephone: (02) 4421 0390

Help with saving energy
The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage offers a guide with simple steps you can take around your home to lower your power bills and reduce your impact on our environment. The guide is available to download at

The Australian Government website, also provides assistance with understanding your bills, advice on ways to reduce energy use and information on rebates and concessions. For more information on how to access no or low interest loans to purchase more energy efficient appliances contact the Department of Social Services Financial Management Program on 1300 653 227.

For your information I have enclosed a copy of our factsheet on help for energy and water customers.

Please contact EWON on Freecall 1800 246 545 or at if you consider we can assist you further.

Yours sincerely

Stacy de Lange | Investigations Officer
Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

Freecall: 1800 246 545 | Freefax: 1800 812 291
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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Secondary boycots

This company is engaged in secondary boycotts to inflict pain on its customers and even ones who are not with them. They arrive at the place to be victomised and remove the power lines and it is done with unmarked trucks with Queensland number plates.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


I have never in my life been so disappointed with an energy company as I was yesterday. Endeavor Energy I have never had dealings with you before and I have never had a written or verbal contract with you ever. You left me to die on my own driveway and laughed at me as I fell to the ground. I thank my neighbor who came to my rescue with a glass of water and woke me from a deep black hole. I thank the ambulance officers who helped me in side with a blood pressure of 217/105. It was that hot the pavement burnt my skin. I yelled at you to remove your truck from my driveway and you did nothing.
The energy provider who claims to have a contract with me is Origin Energy show me the contract. Origin you have used a secondry boycot 245D of the trade practices act to cut my power. You turned off my smoke detector and NBN phone. You both have caused me a tort and have left scars on my mind. You will never get a cent from me ever. As for the two dogs who showed no duty of care I am letting you know I know what you look like. You did not use a marked vehicle, from Queensland. You did not identify yourselves or give me your work id numbers. You are cowards just acting on orders. The Nazi were shoot at Nurimburg trials for just doing orders. YOU ARE DOGS..


Just to let my friends at Origin energy know I'm back with power. You fucking morons. It cost less than what you claim. Two Kilowatt system off grid is less than $2000 I might take out shorts on your company who pays little or no taxes in Australia.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Electrical Ombudsman

I must say there is a wonderful man working at the ombudsman's office called Albert. I say thank you Albert.
I know you work for a company a subsidiary of the government and this is a corporation so to speak. I know that one company can not tell another company what to do. I know that men and women work for these companies and during there day have to deal with corporation people and the video will explain what I mean in less words.

I hope this gives a lot of people an understanding on how to behave in the future.
I would suggest that KYM DIERCKS from Origin Energy watches this and then resigns and then goes out and gets a job where he actually produces something. God bless all the Origin Energy employees (slaves) at the call centers.....

letter to Origin Energy